EIC Agency Association

The strength and legitimacy of solidarity.

Support, benefits and resources.

Does not mean no rules.

Establish industry standards and benchmarks.
1. How will EICAA membership change my relationship with the Casting Directors?

EICAA agents have already been called upon for their input at several round table discussions with ACTRA and Casting Directors from both the film/TV, and commercial venues. ACTRA recognizes those agencies who are members of the EICAA as a uniform voice for talent who are both full ACTRA members and Apprentice members. EICAA agents will now have opportunity to introduce their talent at ACTRA sponsored showcases with those Casting Directors in the film and TV venues. Having this recognition from ACTRA shows the Casting Community that you are part of an adhered membership who speak for talent at all levels of their development, who follow industry standards, and who govern one another to ensure these standards are maintained.

2. How can I find out about developments within the EICAA?

We invite you to visit our NEWS page to read about any updates.

3. What does the membership fee cover?

The membership fee covers the costs of general office administration, supplies, legal support, website management and future part time support staff. A full accounting statement will be presented at the annual general meeting.

4. Can I attend the regular meetings?

There will be one General Meeting annually open to all members of EICAA. There is already a group of Agents (listed on the "CONTACT" page) that was randomly selected by ACTRA to start the process of solidifying that portion of the agency community which till now, had no corporate solidarity, or representation within the Commercial and IPA negotiations. These agents meet regularly.

5. How is my membership in EICAA different than having EIC status?

Your EIC status will remain unchanged regardless of whether or not you take out membership with EICAA. However, taking out membership with the EICAA indicates your commitment to shouldering together with those agents who wish to present a unified voice to ACTRA, to the Casting Community and to our talent base. Furthermore, your agency will be annotated on all ACTRA documentation with the acronym EICAA behind your agency name, demonstrating your commitment to a corporate, communal society of agents.

6. How is EICAA different from TAMAC?

Both EICAA and TAMAC are recognized within the Entertainment Industry. They are parallel organizations with different membership criteria.